Players PackagE:

Package Includes:
Video key points outline
– Drag Flicking
– Hitting
– Trapping
– Backstick, Tomma, Reverse stick hit

PDF – Drag flicking Key Points

2 x Zoom 1 to 1 meetings
3 x Skills Video reviews

Are you a field hockey player looking to learn the art of how to drag flick?
Do you want to learn how to drag flick using the same training and technologies as international players like Alex Hendrix, Tom Boon and Jodie Kenny have ?
· Are you a player who wants to understand and develop how to drag flick the ball faster, straighter and more consistently? Well now you have the opportunity to learn from me using the same system I have used for the past 7 years with Australia and now Belgium hockey mens and womens sides. The program I have run with my athletes has been very successful with my male athletes being top goal scorers in last two World Cup winning sides. On the women’s side, I have also had great success in helping my athletes contribute significantly to sides performance.
Field hockey is a highly skilled sport where if you do not have a good set of fundamental skills you will not be able to develop as quickly or as successfully as someone who has.Not only will I teach you how to drag flick, I will also teach you how to better perform the fundamental skills of field hockey. Through my development of the online tools I use with international players. I can now offer you the opportunity to learn in the same way, I will give you the resources, knowledge and tools to show you how to drag flick and also perform the range of fundamentals skills in hockey at the elite level.