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Working with Luke over the past 3 years has really helped me with my drag flicking performance. The online system he uses is great and something I can recommend to anyone wanting to develop their drag flicking performance. Lukes way of breaking down the skill into key elements has given me a much greater understanding of the skill and has increased my ability to consistently perform at the highest level. I am enjoying working with Luke and looking forward to continuing my drag flicking development under his coaching. I highly recommend Lukes coaching program to anyone interested in learning the art of drag flicking.

Tom Boon

Luke has helped me develop and improve my technique whether it be via online systems or in person. He is at the top of the game for this specialist skill and has been an influential coach to me. He has helped me improve my accuracy and power, as well as increased my goal conversion rate in international matches

Madison Fitzpatrick

Luke came into the Red Lions with his total vision about drag flicking. His knowledge goes further than hockey only and he gave us a methodical approach of the technique. He definitely had his hand in winning the 2018 World Cup and pushing our boundaries as drag flickers by challenging us with information from several different sports

Loick Luypaert

I've been using Luke Donner coaching for a couple of years now and I'd highly recommend it for anyone that wants to work on their flicking techinique. So you get provided with really detailed reviews with really beneficial feedback. So I use his coaching whilst on tour with the Hockeyroos as well as when I'm training back in Perth. So for me personally, I've made some huge games and my flicking and thats due to the work that I do with Luke and so we are. Once again, I'd really highly recommend Luke Donner coaching.

Jodie Kenny

I enjoy working with Luke, he is very calm and relaxed. Working with video to adjust slight details in drag flicking technique has helped me a lot. Luke made me think more about the drag flicking movement than before (e.g. comparisons to other sports). Thank you for that

Alex Hendrix

Drag flicking is a very technical skill, research and analysis have become so much more important. Luke taught me to analyse every key element of the drag flick separately using video on the pitch or the online review system, and work on improving each element one by one. Luke’s knowledge about drag flicking and his own experience as a drag flicker at the highest level makes him very capable in understanding what it takes and helping other athletes improve and grow as drag flickers

Louise Versaval

Luke was my specialist drag flicking coach for the start of my international career he taught me all the fundamentals I need to succeed. Through online and face to face he had clear and knowledgeable information which I could use. At international level the hardest thing is to stay ahead of the opponents and Luke has all the answers. I always learn a lot from Luke and drag flicking has been a massive asset for me and any team I play for. Last and most important! teaching the right way in drag flicking is a MUST not only for results but for injury prevention and you really need someone like Luke that knows what they are doing.

Blake Govers

'I love the art of drag flicking and encourage people to learn from the key elements of the skill from someone like Luke who has both performed and coached the skill with success at the highest level.

Anna Flanigan

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