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Are you a coach wanting to understand how coaches at the elite level teach and train field hockey? What field hockey drills do they use and why?

You're in the right place!

Having a structured template on how to teach field hockey skills and what field hockey drills to use is essential for any coach looking to be successful in the sport. Players individual field hockey skills are an integral element to a team’s performance and a team’s ability to execute styles and patterns of play.

Drag flicking is these days a core component to any teams success or failure, learning how to teach this skill correctly along with all field hockey skills is imperative to any coach chasing success and player development.

Drag flicking and performing essential skills at the highest level were fundamental to mine and our teams-the kookas- success. These lessons and techniques that I have learnt as a player and now implemented as an international coach are what I am going to be sharing with you through my program. Using effective field hockey drills and tools is essential to players development. 

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Do you also want to be able to teach one of the most important and these days integral field hockey skills in drag flicking?

You're in the right place!

Some of the biggest faults I see in coaching hockey is either the lack of attention to the essential field hockey skills or field hockey drills used to try and develop them. Drag flicking is a field hockey skill which is often avoided by coaches due to their lack of knowledge of the skill. Drag flicking is another essential skill that I encourage all players to try to learn. By using the field hockey drills and tools I will provide you, you as a coach will be able to effectively communicate and develop your players skill set and performance.