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Luke was in his time World’s Best at drag flicking and played a central role in Australia’s successes when I coached the team from 2009 to 2012. At the World Cup in 2010 he was the tournament’s leading scorer. Only a few years later in 2014 he was principle advisor and coach of our flickers at the 2014 World Cup. At that tournament our three flickers scored critical goals throughout the competition in pivotal games and both semi finals and final. As a teacher Luke understands the process of learning… he is able to simplify the skill and identify and correct flaws. Additionally, he continues to add to his already deep knowledge of this skill and methods of teaching it.

Ric Charlesworth Kookaburra coach 2009-2014.

Luke was a world-class drag flicker and a very potent weapon for our Australian Team during his international playing career. In my time working with Luke in his playing days he always displayed an eagerness to gather a greater understanding of the game and was always an avid learner. He naturally became an eager student of the various aspects related to developing the skill of the drag flick and other aspects related to this unique skill such as injury prevention. His subsequent progression into coaching players and assisting coaches develop this skill in players was undertaken with characteristic enthusiasm. I have every confidence that his passion for this role, together with his tremendous depth of knowledge and experience will ensure he will greatly assist coaches and players in his area of expertise

Barry Dancer

After almost 15 years of coaching at an International level and leading some of the World’s best teams in the Hockeyroos and The Belgian Red Lions, it is very clear to me that the penalty corner drag flick is one of the most important skills to have within your team. I have worked with Luke as a key Drag Flick consultant for the last 8 years and in my opinion he is World Leading in coaching the Drag Flick. His calm and simple communication and integration of technology in his approach has been developed through years of coaching experience and his impact on the athletes he works with is immense. Luke has worked with the past 2 leading goalscorers at the World Cup, Chris Ciriello (2014) and Alex Hendrickx (2018) and was himself a leading goalscorer at a World Cup. In addition he coached Australias highest female Goalscorer of the last 10 years, Jodie Kenny, who has scored more than 100 international goals. He is an expert in his field and someone that has added enormous value in both International programs I have worked with.

Adam Commens

I’ve had the Pleasure to work with Luke Doerner when I was Coaching Hockeyclub Laren in the Netherlands. Apart from a good Defender, Luke has developed himself into an International Drag flick expert, who has been very important in the Success of the Australian National men hockey team as a Player and for the Belgium national team as a Coach. It’s quite exceptional that Luke has developed himself into an international Specialist, where most of his Competitors has worked together with a Dragflick Coach. As a Coach this gave him the Advantage of a depth knowledge of how to execute and how to teach the Skill. Luke has been keen for looking of new ways to the learn and teach the Skill and to assess the Performance and development of the new generation. I’m convinced that talented “Drag flickers” who has the Drive to work hard to improve themselves are at the right place to learn from Luke.

Roelant Oltmans

The Drag flick has become integral to successful hockey teams over the past 20 years especially at international level hockey. Luke was an international leader in how to perform the drag flick when he was playing and has transitioned now into a leader in teaching the art at the highest level. Luke had to learn the drag flick without a specialist drag flick coach so this learning process has given him an in depth knowledge of how to perform & teach the skill. Lukes coaching was integral in the performance of our drag flickers at the 2018 World Cup and crucial to our overall success. Luke is always developing new ways to teach the skill of the drag flick as well as different ways to assess the performance and development. We look forward to his continued involvement in our program and further development of our flicking group.

Shane Mcleod

Luke Doerner is member of the coaching staff off the Belgium men hockey team that became world champion in India 2018 and European champion 2019. His knowledge and experience of the drag flick and understanding what is necessary to perform under maximum pressure gave our flickers (players) the trust and confidence to score under maximum pressure.

Michel Van Den Heuval

Luke was one of the pioneers of the drag flick, scoring regularly in Olympic & World Cup matches. Largely self taught during his playing career, he is now a proven elite coach on the technical skills in developing the drag flick.

Colin Batch

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